DIY Nourishing Mask to Strengthen Your Hair & Remove Split Ends

Winter dryness can be really hard on our hair! Having brittle hair is much more likely to break or split so we must treat it accordingly. Keep reading this article and see how to prevent split ends. Thus, all you have to do is follow just 3 simple tips and your hair will stay happy and healthy during the cold …

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DIY Coconut Oil Treatment & Detangling Spray For Dry Hair

The struggle is real when dealing with dry hair. When your hair and scalp are starting to suffer from that dryness, it is time to take action. So, I have got for you a completely natural weapon to deal with these issues. Keep reading and find out how to use a DIY coconut oil for an amazing dry hair treatment …

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DIY Dry Scalp Oil Treatment To Fix Hair Woes

Because I have a really dry scalp, I tried everything. However, all the store-bought products sometimes made things worse. Which I never thought to be possible. Thus, I was in desperate need of a natural and healthier alternative to solve this issue. If you are in the same situation, keep on reading, this DIY dry scalp oil treatment is the …

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Homemade Treatment To Get Rid Of Head Lice

If you’re wondering how to get rid of the head lice, this article will give you a lot of natural home remedies for this issue. Unfortunately, head lice can happen to anyone, even the cleanest amongst us, so make sure you check everything on the below list. Keep reading! 1. Wet-combing How to get rid of lice naturally pretty much …

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5 Useful Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Dandruff

Hundreds of persons are fighting with dandruff and it’s actually not nice to a “snowy hair”. But before you diagnose yourself with dandruff make sure it’s dandruff and it’s not just dry scalp, because the symptoms are the same but the treatment is different. Instead spending lots of money on hair products without any particularly effect, try natural remedies because …

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How To Use Coconut Oil For A Healthy Beautiful Hair


Coconut oil is used for many years in India and other parts of Asia as a hair treatment. Used as a hair treatment and / or conditioner, coconut oil is worldwide recognized for its benefits against dry and damaged hair and is an excellent treatment against dandruff. Making a good quality hair treatment with coconut oil is fun and easy …

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Red Onion Advantages For Gray Hair


Every woman love to have thick and shiny hair, but Mother Nature was not so generous with all of us. But let’s don’t lose our hope. We can use an ingredient found in every garden: red onion. There is a recipe based on this vegetable, which not only help you get the desired hair, but also prevents gray hair growth. …

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