5 Most Common Skincare Mistakes

5 Most Common Skincare Mistakes

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Your facial skin beauty is closely related with following some basic rules. Here are 5 most common skincare mistakes:

You don’t wash your face before bedtime
When you are tired, this is the easiest mistake that you can make. But if you sleep with full makeup, your skin can not stand the renewal process that happens during sleep. Keep on your nightstand some cleansing wipes, so you can cleanse your face even when you’re almost asleep.

You don’t wash your face in the morning
Even if you clean your face at night before bed, you must repeat this habit in the morning too. During sleep, toxins and metabolic byproducts came out of skin. Those toxins must be removed by cleansing and washing.

Excess skin washing
Perhaps you feel that you’re doing a good peeling, but excess use of an abrasive soap can cause redness or dryness.

Using an inappropriate cleansing milk
If you have skin prone to acne and oily, cleansing milk for dry skin will not remove excess sebum. An oily cleanser can leave a crusty feeling.

You don’t cleanse before doing sport
Sweating under makeup can cause irritation and can make you look like a clown. Therefore, reserve a few minutes to remove makeup before doing sport. After, change your equipment as quickly as possible so that bacteria can’t multiply and destroy your skin.

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