5 Signs That Your Colon Needs Cleansing

5 Signs That Your Colon Needs Cleansing

Your colon can become clogged with various undigested foods and this leads to accumulation of toxins in the body. A suffering colon can sicken the whole body and the effects are diverse. See 5 most important signs that your colon needs cleaning.

Constipation can be caused by many factors such as an unhealthy diet, stress, drugs, chemicals or other sources of food.
All this cause an increase of mucus amount in the colon, which is trying to fend off harmful substances. Mucus is combined with the processed food leftovers and foods full of chemicals, thickening colon’s walls, so that faeces can no longer get toward the exit.
In such severe cases, only an effective detox can solve the problem and to eliminate harmful toxins from intestine.

The pains caused by a clogged and obstructed colon include headaches, back and sciatic pain.
The pains are caused by the growth of the Candida fungus in the intestine. The fungus grows on the materials attached to intestinal walls and food can not move properly through the colon. In addition, Candida infection causes inflammation and pain.

Toxins from the residues that are blocking your intestines walls get in the blood and the lymphatic system.
Weakness is caused precisely by the toxins in the blood and the only way to feel better is to cleanse the colon.
In addition, your immune system is weakened, because you have to fight the bacteria and fungi that develop on these residues in the intestines.

Your body scent
Bad breath, a bad body odor and the eternal feeling of bloating are signs that you need a detox cure.
Bloating and gas discomfort can happen when the colon is full of fermenting materials.
Get rid of residues with a detox cure and you will feel fresh, full of energy and you’ll smell better.

Loaded skin
A colon full of dirt and infected with various germs is like a sewer. Dirt and bacteria, fungi and other microbes spread throughout the body when the colon is clogged.
Your skin needs to breathe and if toxins fill the pores and all cells are poisoned, you’ll be filled with bumps and pimples.

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