6 Natural Ways To Sooth Itchy Chigger Bites

6 Natural Ways To Sooth Itchy Chigger Bites

You might have been out in the park with your kids or maybe for an afternoon on the golf course. That outdoor fun, though, sometimes comes with a price, an itchy rash. Well, unfortunately, that comes from chiggers, bugs so small you need a magnifying glass to spot them. They aren’t dangerous, but their bites can leave you with a powerful urge to scratch. Don’t let them get away with it! Learn how to soothe your irritated skin and relieve the itching with natural solutions.

1. A Hot Shower

The best way to stop chiggers is to get rid of them before they attach and start spitting on the skin. This avoids the itching completely. I think this is also the reason that the baby and I were least affected by chiggers. It can take chiggers a few hours to find a place to latch on to skin and start drilling. If you can remove them during this window, you can often avoid the problem completely.

2. Baking Soda Scrub

These work best shortly after exposure but can help even once the severe itching sets in. It is also super simple. Just make a paste of equal parts baking soda and water and rub on skin in the shower. Leave on for a few seconds before showering off. Fair warning, this will sting like crazy, but it really helps stop the itch and beats staying up all night itching.

3. Salt for the itch

Just like the baking soda solution, this will sting, but it helps. The traditional advice is to mix some salt into some vapor-rub. The theory is that the menthol in the vapo-rub helps calm the itching and the salt helps neutralize the spit causing the itch.

4. Homemade spray

A saltwater and herbal tea spray also seemed to help. I made a strong chamomile tea and added a few tablespoons of natural salt. I kept this in a glass spray bottle in the fridge and it offered some cooling and calming relief for itching.

5. Castor Oil

This is an old remedy that the entomologist suggested. It seemed to work, though it wasn’t the most effective remedy we tried. If you have castor oil around it could be worth a try though. We dabbed small amounts on the bumps and it did offer some itching relief.

6. Aloe vera and peppermint oil paste

Mix 1/4 cup aloe vera (fresh or gel) and a drop of peppermint essential oil. Rub over skin to soothe the itching.

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