Amazing Drink That Cleanse Your Liver And Strengthens Immunity

Amazing Drink That Cleanse Your Liver And Strengthens Immunity

You need only two ingredients to cleanse your liver and strengthen your immunity. See which they are and how to prepare them.

For this miraculous drink you only need lemon and whey. Whey is rich in lactic acid, enzymes, proteins, vitamins B6, B2, B12, K, and C, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and amino acids. For hundreds of years, it is used as a remedy for stimulating appetite and improves digestion. Today studies have shown that prevents hypertension, reduces the risk of stroke or heart attack, regulates cholesterol levels, increases muscle mass, prevents osteoporosis, strengthens the immune system and relieves stress.

How to prepare the juice that detox the liver
For this drink, you need to boil a liter of milk and add the juice of a lemon in it while it is still hot. Let it cool and you will see that a green and transparent liquid will form on the surface. That is the whey you need to drink. Put it in a separate container and store it in the refrigerator. At each meal, mix one tablespoon of whey with 200 ml of water and drink the obtained juice. With this solution you’ll get rid of heartburn.

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