Chemical peel – A risky rejuvenation method, but with amazing benefits

For over a hundred years, the skin peeling process ranks first among rejuvenation methods. The procedure name comes from the English “peel off”, ie body “shells” removal. This process can treat various aspects given by aging process, such as wrinkles and keratoses, skin discoloration (as melasma), acne scars or dilated pores.

Peeling can be superficial, medium or deep. Choosing the proper peeling depends on skin color, skin defects and their location, the season and the possibility of avoiding sun exposure.

Chemical peels should be performed only by dermatologists, specially trained in this procedure.

The effects of chemical peeling
The rejuvenated complexion looks spectacular and you can get it after only 1 week. Stains disappear and the complexion brightens, the color is uniform, pores shrink and wrinkles are erased.

Image Credits: BatraSkincare

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