DIY Facial Mist For An Amazing Makeup Finish

DIY Facial Mist For An Amazing Makeup Finish

We all know how a good facial mist could change our entire makeup. It was not a while ago that everyone started using it so I thought I should give it a try.

My first experience with a facial mist was when I was getting my makeup done for a wedding. That’s when my makeup artist finished my makeup with a light spray of facial mist. According to her, it would help prevent the powder from looking cakey. So I was just mesmerized, I haven’t heard about it in the past. But truth be told, she was right. My makeup didn’t look cakey so I really needed that.

However, I was kinda skeptical about using commercial products. So I wanted to use only natural ingredients. Thus, I have an amazing recipe for you to make your own fresh facial mist that will help you tremendously with your makeup. So, keep reading and see how to prepare a DIY facial mist for an amazing makeup finish.

It will work like heaven and you will feel your makeup a lot fresher for a longer period of time than usual. And, as a bonus, it will make your skin feel nice and hydrated!

Here is my recipe, the ingredients you need are:

– 1 cup distilled or mineral water
– 5 drops lavender essential oil
– 5 drops chamomile essential oil

So, to prepare this amazing potion, you need to:

1. Place all of the ingredients in a glass jar.

2. Close the bottle tightly and securely and start shaking it well.

3. Then, pour the mixture into a 2-ounce spray bottle for an easier access.

4. Finally, you can store the rest of it in the fridge and refill the spray bottle whenever you need to.

That’s it, now you can lightly spray your face whenever your skin needs a refresh. Also, if you have dry skin, make sure to add 1/2 teaspoon vegetable glycerine or 1 teaspoon almond oil. But if you have oily skin, simply add 1 teaspoon of good witch hazel.

Now, just rock your makeup with confidence!

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