Get Long & Healthy Eyelashes with this Homemade Serum

Get Long & Healthy Eyelashes with this Homemade Serum

After I had a bad experience with eyelash extensions, I said no more. I was never going to wear fake eyelashes again because it hurts so bad. However, the way they looked encouraged me to try something new. So, could I make something to help my eyelashes grow stronger and most importantly longer? It turns out, nature can provide us with almost anything. Using just a few natural ingredients, you can do amazing things. Keep reading and see how you can DIY your own homemade serum for your eyelashes to be long and healthy.

I was skeptical at first, but these natural remedies started to look more and more promising! Thus, I give it a go, preparing my recipe with the confidence that these ingredients never hurt me before. So, let’s reveal the big mystery of making your own homemade serum.

For this DIY, you will need the following:

– 2 tsp of coconut oil
– 2 tsp of lavender essential oils
– 2 tsp of green tea
– 1 small roller bottle (and a small brush) or a cleaned mascara recipient (my favorite way)

Why are these ingredients amazing for your eyelashes? The coconut oil has beneficial fatty acids that can help strengthen your eyelashes. Just a few drops of lavender essential oil will provide you with additional nourishment! About the green tea, I love it especially because it stimulates growth and helps clean the follicles. Not to mention, it will also help with more substantial growth to occur.

Now, in order to prepare this serum, you only need to fill the small roller bottle with the ingredients. If you chose to use this roller bottle, you could spread the serum better with a brush. Brushing your eyelashes will also help you with the eyelashes growth. An alternative for the small brush would be to simply spread the serum with your clean hands. That way, you will also massage them gently without getting it in the eyes.

When you are using a cleaned mascara recipient, however, the things get easier. Make sure you clean it very well, though, especially the mascara wand which is possibly the dirtiest. Add the serum in the bottle and using the wand, apply it on your eyelashes.

That’s it, here you have it, the best serum you will ever make. It will work fantastically for your eyelashes!

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