Get Rid Of Acid Reflux With A Sip From This Natural Remedy

When the food is too fat or you simply have a sensitive stomach, the gastro esophageal reflux does his job! And it’s not such a pleasant feeling. But I found on internet this remedy and my mother try it, because she often has acid reflux, and she said it really works. And I believe her! That’s why I want to share this remedy with you maybe you’ll prevent acid reflux, too.

Acid reflux takes you away the pleasure of eating certain food. The symptoms of acid reflux are:

-regurgitated food
-hoarseness and sore throat
-hard swallowing

To prevent acid reflux you need the following remedy:

-1 apple
-1 potato

Peel and grate the apple than squeeze the grated apple until you get the last drop of juice. Do the same thing with the potato and mix the juices. Drink this juice with half an hour before every meals and acid reflux won’t give you headaches anymore.

Image Credits: Youtube

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