Get Rid Of Bunions With 2 Corny Ingredients

Get Rid Of Bunions With 2 Corny Ingredients

Bunions are some wrist deformities of the thumb, which generally affects women in a larger number than men.

Symptoms and problems
– Difficulty when walking because of the pain
– Thumb inflammation and sores that can be infected
– The foot can become so wide that finding a pair of shoes will be almost impossible
– Arthritis can appear
– Other toes can be deformed

Prevention and treatment
To prevent bunions, the first and most important step, is to change your footwear. Thus, deformation won’t install anymore and won’t cause pain or discomfort. You can see an orthopedist and he can advice you in choosing the right pair of shoes.
For bunions that didn’t cause a big deformation you can use ice bags and other creams special created for bunions to repair the skin.

Natural treatment for bunions:

– leek
– vinegar

Preparation: Cut 1 leek into slices and put it to soak for 24 hours in a cup of vinegar. Then apply leek slices on the affected area and cover with a bandage.
If you don’t see improvement after the first application, it’s recommended to repeat the procedure.

Image Credits: Pafootdoctors

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