Get Rid Of Poison Ivy Rashes With The Best Natural Remedies

Get Rid Of Poison Ivy Rashes With The Best Natural Remedies

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Summer is the best friend of poison ivy, oak, and sumac. When the weather is hot outside, people spend more time in the great outdoors, which means more people accidentally running face first into some poisonous leaves. If that sounds like you, instead of suffering the poison itch, try the best natural remedies.

1. Bananas

More precisely, the inside of a banana peel. This remedy is actually an old wive’s tale, but its effectiveness is quite real. The inside of the banana peel can help dry up a patch of skin infected with urushiol oil, and by doing so, help soothe the urge to scratch. For this remedy, you’ll rub the inside of the peel on the irritated area, and keep it there for at least 15 minutes; Repeat two to three times a day.

2. Potato or oatmeal paste

Bananas aren’t the only food you can use to treat a poison ivy or poison oak rash though. Moreover, potatoes and oatmeal can work in amazingly. Potatoes are often used to treat inflammatory conditions, such as sunburn, and oatmeal is well known for its soothing ability.

For this remedy, you’ll also want to create a paste to rub onto the irritated skin. For oatmeal, simply mix a batch. For potatoes, use a mixer or blender to grind the vegetable up until it forms a paste. For oatmeal, you can also sprinkle the oats into a bath for a soak.

3. Vodka or vinegar

You should also try vodka to sterilize the rash. Moreover, it will also help prevent an infection. Thus, applying alcohol will clean the irritated area and will get you rid of poison ivy. Vinegar will also work to temporarily relieve the itchiness.

4. Coffee

Finally, one more beverage that can help counteract a nascent poison oak or ivy rash is coffee. A cup of cold, black java is a common, proven DIY remedy for itchiness and is based on the chlorogenic acid found in coffee beans, an anti-inflammatory ester. To try this method, simply pour (cold) coffee onto the rash. You can also try soaking a cloth and applying it to the inflamed area, keeping it in place.

5. Rubbing alcohol and baby powder

Simply clean the afflicted area, dry it thoroughly, then spread a layer of rubbing alcohol over it using a cotton swab. Next, sprinkle the body powder over the alcohol to create a paste. Continue to rub this paste on the rash until it’s completely covered, then wrap it with gauze. This will keep the area clean and dry, while also helping to alleviate some of the itchiness. With the gauze, you won’t be able to directly scratch and tear the skin.

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