Homemade Face Mask To Get Rid Of Pimples

Homemade Face Mask To Get Rid Of Pimples

The annoying pimples will show up right at the worst possible moment! Women will know this pain perfectly! Thus, most of our weddings, interviews, dates were ruined by unsightly pimples! It’s really a terrible stress to handle when you have an upcoming event or occasion. However, I am here to assure you won’t stress any further. There are several great natural solutions to turn to! Thus, get rid of pimples with a natural homemade paste. Keep reading and see how it works!

For this DIY, you will need the following ingredients:

– a teaspoon of clay
– one teaspoon of raw honey
– a capsule of activated charcoal
– one capsule of white willow bark
– about 2 drops Melaleuca essential oil

1. Mix ingredients together in a small bowl.

2. Then, you will need to add a few drops of water as necessary to form a paste. In the end, after mixing, the paste should be thick and sticky.

3. Apply a small amount of the paste to a pimple, and then let it sit for 20 minutes.

4. Rinse well with water.

Why is this paste amazing? Well, due to its powerhouse ingredients for fighting pimples. Clay and activated charcoal are great at drawing out impurities, while honey and white willow bark help soothe irritation and reduce inflammation. Melaleuca oil rounds out the bunch by fighting acne-causing bacteria!

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