How to avoid and how to treat seasickness

How to avoid and how to treat seasickness

Seasickness fear is probably the reason that some travel-loving tourists choose not to go in cruises. However, few know that seasickness is not at all an impediment as is supposed to be. It usually disappears in a few days, even without treatment, and any cruise ship has on board a pharmacy which provides free medicines against seasickness.

How to avoid seasickness?

Before resorting to medication, the symptoms of seasickness may improve and may even disappear if you resort to some simple tricks:

1. Do not go below deck for long periods of time. Find a window or porthole and look to the horizon without staring, avoiding looking at the waves.

2. Sit facing the direction of ship motion and watch in that direction (not in the opposite direction). Moreover, try to sit on the deck in the middle of the boat area, because there is the most stable!

3. Avoid long time focusing on a fixed point. It is recommended that in the first few hours on the boat to do activities such as reading, knitting, playing tablet or computer games.

4. Some foods, such as ginger or green apples can ameliorate the effects of seasickness. So try to drink lemonade with ginger or eat a green apple to avoid unpleasant symptoms caused by seasickness.

5. If possible, avoid heavy meals, spicy foods and alcohol too.

6. Breath deeply, in long rounds. Try to stay as much as possible to fresh air and avoid strong flavors.

7. A very important detail that should not be overlooked is hydration. In an attempt to regain a sense of balance, your body may be exhausted. Therefore you should make sure you moisturize it, so he can recover quickly.

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