How To Banish Cellulite With The Help Of These Essential Oils

How To Banish Cellulite With The Help Of These Essential Oils

Well, we can’t afford always to go to the spa or beauty salons for various cellulite treatments we can do this at home. And with the help of natural remedies, of course! It takes more time to get rid of that unsightly orange peel from your legs and buttocks but there won’t be any side effects.

You need:

– 200 ml of coconut or sesame oil;
– 50 drops of lemon essential oil;
– 50 drops of mandarin essential oil;
– 50 drops of geranium essential oil;
– 50 drops of lavender essential oil;
– Plastic food wrap

Mix the oils in a bowl and apply the mixture on the areas affected from cellulite. You have to massage gently to enlarge the pores to allow the mixture to penetrate deep into the skin. Then, we will wrap the area with plastic wrap. You have to wrap your skin very well. It’s recommended to wrap two or three times. Let me a little secret! Once, I’ve wrapped myself and went out with my friends. No one noticed what I was hiding underneath my clothes. You can wrap your thighs, hips and the whole below the bra area. Get yourself a pair of boyfriend jeans and then you can wave goodbye to cellulite.

In 4 weeks you’ll see the results: one smooth and silky skin.

Tip: you also have to be careful of what you eat, because these oils aren’t magic. And you have to drink plenty of water, too.

Image Credits: Danielehenkel

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