How To Exfoliate Your Lips Properly

How To Exfoliate Your Lips Properly

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Exfoliation and hydration make the skin radiating, we all know that. The same is true in terms of lips. Give them a few minutes before makeup and your kisses will be unforgettable!

Here are some makeup tips for peeling your lips like a professional:

First, cleanse your lips with an eye makeup cleanser. It is specially designed to gently remove pencil / ink traces, so will dissolve the lips pigment without drying them.

Step 1

Exfoliate your lips with a soaked toothbrush for 30 seconds, using a circular motion. Doing so, you’ll get rid of dead cells and you’ll stimulate blood circulation.

Step 2

Tap your lips in order to dry them, then feed them liberally with a conditioner. Let it act about 10 minutes, as a mask, to hydrate them.

Step 3

Remove excess balm by pressing a napkin, so that the lips become sticky but well-hydrated. What will be apply next adhere better on a smooth surface (either wet or dry).

Step 4

Define your lips with using the pencil tip (look for lip stain / tint) – it adds a lot of color and remains on the lips. As more as you get closer to the edge you’ll create the impression of thicker lips.

Step 5

Lean the pen and fill the lip contour, tracing uniform lines. Once the paint has dried, apply a balm / moisturizing gloss.

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