How To Get Rid Of A Hickey Quickly

How To Get Rid Of A Hickey Quickly

“The symbol of passion” is a euphemism for skin discoloration caused by extreme skin sucking, usually around the chest or neck.

The most common term for hickeys is the “after kissing sign”. Often, because of passion, lovers can leave accidental traces on each other’s skin.

Technically, these marks are skin abrasions. Due to extreme sucking, when the mouth touches the skin, surface capillaries and blood vessels can break and bleed. Thus, the blood accumulated in the area will cause skin discoloration, usually in a red shade first, then in a shade of blue. If, during the skin nerves are injured, this area can be quite painful. So, think before leaving a love mark on your girlfriend’s neck!

The hickey sign will disappear after a while, without any intervention. Depending on the hickey severity, they will disappear in one day, two the most. There are several steps to be taken to hasten the healing process and to get rid quickly of a hickey.

Cold compress

Put a cold compress onto the affected area. Because hickey traces are essentially some bruises, they will be treated as such. Applying cold compresses will stop dermal bleeding and the hickey won’t expand. This is due to the low temperature at which the capillaries shrink so, the bleeding stops. Put cold compress to the affected area for at least 20 minutes.

Warm compress

If discoloration is noticeable the next day, use a warm or hot compress. Warm compress will reduce pain and swelling, if they are present. Moreover, hot capillaries will dilate, allowing blood to flow in the area. If circulation is better, bruises will heal, and traces will disappear faster. Massage with essential oils is also beneficial for a hickey. If you rub gently you’ll improve blood circulation, so you’ll rush the healing process.

Vitamin K

There are many who rush the healing process by applying vitamin K on the area. Try it too!

Image Credits: Snopes

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