How To Get Rid Of Bruises Overnight

How To Get Rid Of Bruises Overnight

Well, I’m a clumsy person and there’s not a day without stumble in. And, like magic a small bruise appears in the most inappropriate moments. The thing is that you can’t always cover it with foundation, because that stubborn bruise it’s too dark. One night, looking over the internet, I read this article about getting rid of bruises with natural remedies. Quickly! I tested on my “violet” legs and it worked. And here are some tricks to get rid of bruises overnight.

Pineapple is very effective in treating bruises. Put a slice of pineapple on the affected area and tie it with a bandage. Leave it to act for half an hour. This fruit contains an enzyme that accelerates the absorption of hematoma, so you’ll get rid quickly of that unsightly “stain”.

Cut an onion into rings and put a big ring on your bruise. Tie it with a bandage and leave it to act for an hour. You can repeat this process several times a day. I tried onions for my bruises and it worked. The others aren’t tested yet, but I will definitely will.

Boil an unpeeled potato. After it’s cooled a little bit, peel it off, and mix it 2 teaspoons of honey and 1 tablespoon of water. Apply the composition of the bruise, and tie it with a bandage. Leave it to act for several hours.

Natural oils massage
If you want to get rid of bruises overnight, you just have to rub the affected area with natural oils. You can use castor oil or coconut oil, but be careful to rub gently the bruise, because you can cause pain. Massage several times a day and will help the lymphatic system to eliminate the bruise.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get rid of bruises overnight is to crush a handful of fresh parsley leaves and apply it on the affected area. Then apply a bandage and leave it for several hours. The reason why parsley is so effective in treating bruises is because it decreases pain and reduces irritation.

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