Make your nail polish last longer using these tricks

Make your nail polish last longer using these tricks

You like to have a perfect manicure, but you don’t have time to reapply your nail polish every two days? You need to follow few simple rules designed to keep your nail polish intact for many days.

Here’s what to try:

Wash the dishes using gloves

Hot water, abrasive sponges and dishwashing liquid form a powerful horror trio for your manicure. No matter what nail polish you use, its battery life decreases drastically if you wash dishes. Therefore it is advisable to wear gloves whenever you clean dishes. Protect your manicure and skin from the harmful effects of detergent.

Do not shake the nail polish bottle before applying

This gesture we all are accustomed with (shaking nail polish bottle vigorously before application) does nothing to sabotage our manicure. It seems that micro-bubbles that form during strong movements make nail polish to be less resistant and to not adhere well. Therefore, before applying, spin the bottle between your hands to smooth nail polish, instead shaking it vigorously.

Apply nail polish on the nail tips too

When applying nail polish, make sure you cover nail tips also. Come down with the brush to the nail tip to “seal up” it and the manicure will last longer.

Protective covering

After your nail polish has dried, apply a top layer of clearcoat designed to provide shine and protection.

No hot water

It is not advisable to wash your hands with hot water during the first hours after applying nail polish. Nail polish structure will yield more easily and the water will penetrate beneath the nail, causing nail flaking.

Image Credits: LadyWithTheRedRocker

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