No More Painful Boils With These Natural Remedies

No More Painful Boils With These Natural Remedies

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Boils appear because sweat glands and hair follicles get infected. Certain germs get into these areas, multiplying excessively, causing the appearance of boils.

But you should be careful because they are contagious!

The most important role of boil’s appearance is the poor blood quality. If blood is healthy, the result of a healthy way of living, then germs is destroyed. But if blood is poisoned because of unhealthy eating, it maintains the development of pathogens, thereby boils install.

Most often boils occur in the neck, back, armpits or buttocks – generally in areas where clothing rubs against the skin. Initially, there is a small red lump. It grows in size, becoming increasingly painful, pus forms and takes on a yellow tinge. Sometimes fever may occur.

It is very important to know that boils are contagious. So carefully, because pus drainage can contaminate other follicles!

Get rid of boils with onion
To effectively treat boils apply onion compresses. There are several ways to do this: chop finely an onion, put it in a pouch bag and apply the bag on the affected area. Or squeeze an onion to get its juice, soak a piece of cotton in the juice and apply as a compress directly on the boil. Another way is to cut an onion in half, separate the onion in layers, and warm one layer over the flame and apply directly on the boil.

Garlic paste to get rid of boils
Garlic paste is very effective. You have to crush 3 garlic cloves and to apply the paste directly on the boil. Leave it to act for 30 minutes.
Also you can mix turmeric paste with warm water to form a paste. This way the pus reach maturity faster, pain decreases and the drainage won’t be so painful.

Propolis, the best antibiotic
Propolis is a great antibiotic helping in fast healing. You have to administrate it internally, as tincture, taking 30 drops per day. But first you have to make a test not to have propolis intolerance.

Aloe vera
Aloe gel is a natural antiseptic, reducing pain and irritation. Apply several times a day aloe vera gel and leave it to act for 15 minutes.

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