No Painkillers Required – Get Rid Of That Headache Naturally

No Painkillers Required – Get Rid Of That Headache Naturally

How to get rid of headaches without painkillers? When dealing with a headache, most rush to the store for over-the-counter pills or prescription drugs. However, there are natural and simple remedies that you can try at home. This article will list down ways to get rid of a headache without medicine. You can find the help by basically looking into your kitchen.

1. Scalp massage

Having headaches can be very uneasy and agitating. There is, however, a simple and doable way of easing the pain, that is by giving yourself a rewarding scalp massage. When one side or both sides of your head is suffering from the throbbing pain, then it is time to apply pressure on the head. This improves blood circulation to the head and face. Scalp massage can be done by yourself or you can ask someone to do it for you. This way it will be resulting in a more even and concentrated massage.

2. Essential oils

To maximize the effect of scalp massage, you could use essential oils. These contribute a lot to relieving a headache. Peppermint oil helps regulate and promote proper blood flow to the body through the vessels. On the other hand, lavender oil is used primarily for a migraine pain. The aroma eases the pain when inhaled. This can be done by pouring drops of the lavender oil into the boiling water. Moreover, the powerful scent of basil oil can be helpful when dealing with a headache. Its capability to relax muscles is advantageous to treat headaches brought by tight muscles or tension.

3. Ginger root

Ginger has been used as a natural herbal remedy for many treatments, it is also considered as one of the most reliable headache remedies. This finds greater importance for treating a headache, especially when nausea is involved with a headache pain. Also, a ginger root is a popular remedy when you want to effectively combat vomiting. One can munch on a slice of ginger root or make a tea or beverage out of it.

4. Almonds

We know that almonds are definitely tasty and nutritious. But aside from that, almonds are also found to be good cures for headaches, basically for two main reasons. First, almond is a rich source of magnesium with 67% of the daily-recommended intake per 100 g of serving. Magnesium significantly relaxes the blood vessels, thereby protecting you from a severe headache. The second reason lies on the salicin contained in almond nuts. Salicin is often used as a pain reliever. Aside from relaxing the blood vessels, almonds also reduce or ease the pain from a headache. Next time when you suffer from a headache, eat a handful of almond nuts.

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