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Forget About Constipation With This 100 % Natural Recipe

People suffering from chronic constipation must pay more attention to their diet by removing junk food. You should eat foods rich in magnesium, nuts, seeds, fish, greens, at least that’s what my phytotherapist said to my mother when she went to visit him. And he recommended her one great remedy to combat constipation which worked as magic. Cure for chronic …

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Get Rid Of Constipation With One Of These 3 Natural Remedies

Constipation is a common disorder, and people of all ages face this problem daily. So, to get rid of this painful problem you should try natural remedies. Sesame seeds Sesame seeds oil composition helps digestion to eliminate those dry seats. Add sesame seeds to your cereals or salads. This remedy is used since ancient times by the Chinese. Fibers Nutrition …

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