Useful Tips To Prevent Ingrown Pubic Hair And Irritations

Useful Tips To Prevent Ingrown Pubic Hair And Irritations

The quickest solution to remove pubic hair is shaving. And the last thing you would want to happen is to face with irritation, ingrown hairs or skin inflammation. To prevent this or to get rid of ingrown pubic hair you should follow these tips when you’re shaving the bikini area.

Shaving without irritations
Don’t shave without moistening the area before
Even if you’re in a rush, just don’t shave without following the bathing ritual. This mean to soften and moisten your skin before, otherwise you’ll increase the risk of irritations and ingrown hair. Also, dry shaving will favor the growth of hair under the skin. It’s advisable to shave while you’re showering or at the end of bathing. Skin needs to stand for at least 10 minutes in hot water before this procedure.

Exfoliate your skin before!
You can use scrubs, loofah sponges or coffee grounds. Exfoliation prevents clogging the razor with dead skin cells and so you’ll get a smooth shave without irritation.

Don’t use hot water
If you expose your skin to extreme heat, it can soften too much and thus increase the risk of cuts. Make sure the water temperature is bearable.

Use shaving foam/cream
The worst thing you can do is to use soap or shower gel! Shaving cream provides a perfect sliding of the razor blade. Another reason to quit shaving the bikini area with soap: it has astringent properties and dries the skin. You can use instead baby oil.

Don’t touch your lover’s razor
Although it’s allowed to use your “baby’s” shaving foam, it’s not indicated to use the same razor. Men razor blades are specially designed thick hair and may be too aggressive with your delicate skin.

Shave in the opposite direction of its growth
If you want exceptional results, always shave your hair in the opposite direction of its growth and don’t put too much pressure on the skin.

Rinse with cold water
Remove shaving cream with cold water to close the pores, not to expose the skin to infections. Dry thoroughly then apply a moisturizer without fragrance.

Replace the razor often
Don’t use the razor for a long time. It advisable to change the razor every shaving, because the debris gathered between razor blades reduce significantly their effectiveness. If you insist to reuse the razor blade and put pressure on the skin, you risk to cut yourself and to allow bacteria to get in your pores.

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