Weird But Extremely Effective Natural Remedy To Get Rid Of That Awful Cough

The best medicines are given by nature, and not only. Some of the natural remedies are pretty weird but extremely effective. I read recently from a health magazine and there was one quite strange natural remedy. And because my husband caught a horrible cold, and he’s coughing, blowing his nose every 5 minutes and the body temperature is not normal, I tried to prepare the following syrup to relieve these cold symptoms. From time to time, I take a pill, but my husband hates all pharmaceutical companies, and refuses to take pills. But this syrup is one of he’s favorite because beer is the main ingredient.

So, you need:

-150 g of sugar
-1.2 liter of beer

First of all you have to melt the sugar in pan until it gets a brownish shade. Then take the pan of the heat and add the beer. Put the pan back on the heat and let the mixture simmer for 20 minutes. Take the syrup of the heat and let it cold a little bit, then pour it in a bottle or a Mason jar. So, you’ve got your own syrup.

It’s recommended for adults to consume a spoonful of syrup per day and children, only one teaspoon. I gave my husband two tablespoons, one in the morning and one in the evening before bedtime. After 12 hours you’ll notice some improvement. After 24 hours, my husband stopped coughing.

Image Credits: Bestherbalhealth

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